Osta MAX SARM 90 Capsules by Cutting Edge Labs...WONDER WHY THE COMPETITION DOES NOT LIST THE MG's PER CAPSULE??? Because we sell the strongest SARM available!

LIMITED DISCOUNT TODAYOsta MAX SARM 90 Capsules by Cutting Edge Labs...WONDER WHY THE COMPETITION DOES NOT LIST THE MG's PER CAPSULE??? Because we sell the strongest SARM available!
Osta MAX SARM 90 Capsules by Cutting Edge Labs...WONDER WHY THE COMPETITION DOES NOT LIST THE MG's PER CAPSULE??? Because we sell the strongest SARM available!

Osta MAX SARM 90 Capsules by Cutting Edge Labs...WONDER WHY THE COMPETITION DOES NOT LIST THE MG's PER CAPSULE??? Because we sell the strongest SARM available!

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Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #181185 in Health and Beauty
  • Size: 90 capsules
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Cutting Edge Labs
  • Ingredients: Osta SARM
  • Dimensions: 5.00" h x
    3.00" w x
    3.00" l,
    .13 pounds


  • Osta MAX is the most powerful anabolic SARM available anywhere!
  • Increase lean muscle mass and fat oxidation!
  • No need for PCT or On Cycle support
  • No harmful side affects. ORGANIC RICE FLOUR FILLER!
  • Same results as Prohormones and AAS.

Product Description

Imagine a compound that elicits steroid like muscle building effects with little or no androgenic side effects, a compound that packs on lean body mass while lowering body fat in individuals who don't even weight train, a compound that is safe to use for months and may even be used by females because it does not cause females to develop male sex characteristics, a compound that makes you feel good, improves sleep, increases libido and changes body composition positively. Well, we don't need to imagine this compound because Osta rx possesses these traits and is a present day reality.

SARM is an abbreviation for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. SARMs cause selective anabolic activity in select androgen receptors and not others, hence the term. This nonsteroidal compound has tissue-selective anabolic effects in muscle and bone, while sparing other androgenic tissue related to hair growth in women and prostate effects in men. In other words, SARMs have the potential to offer anabolic effects similar to steroids with little to no common steroidal negative side effects.

SARMs have been studied and developed for over 10 years now by research pharmaceutical company GTx. James Dalton and his colleagues have done numerous studies with hundreds of human participants to determine the viability of SARMs for treating muscle wasting in cancer patients. Typically steroids are prescribed off label to counter muscle wasting diseases but they present several unwanted side effects due to elevations in DHT and Estradiol. Additionally steroids can cause females to develop male characteristics.Therefore a natural need has arisen for an anabolic agent that targets muscle and bone but does not cause other unwanted androgenic activity. SARMs offer an improved benefit to risk ratio for those suffering from muscle wasting.

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5Proper Review
By Neoprimitive2cb
Ok so It has been a full month on Both the Osta Max and the GW Overdrive, and I have to say the products are proper. I have made some steady gains of lean mass with energy levels up, and little sides. I train 5 days a week with week ends off, I work a physical job as well and the combo of the Osta and the GW have given me great recovery time. I have placed a second order of both and I will def be doing more business with this seller.- GW50156 / Ostarine / Cutting Edge LabsGW- 10mg/dOsta - 25mg/dayOk so It has been a month and a half of dosing every day GW @ 10mg and Osta @ 25mg. I have been taking this as well as my father our stats are hereMeAge 29Weight 240lbsHeight 6'3"Body Fat Percent 12%My current Caloric intake is at 3500 cal / day, with 220g protein, 330g carbs and 55g fat /day. I eat as clean as possible, no processed food, all local, organic and sustainable.FatherAge 56Weight 215lbsHeight 6'1"Body Fat Percent 10%His caloric intake is about 600-800 cals less then mine and with a similar adjustment in his macros. He eats like I do as I live at home.Ok so the real meat of the review is here. Neither of us has experienced any serious sides at all. With the exception of some acne. However the positive effects are well damn impressive. For one My fathers blood pressure has been lowered from its normally high state, both of us have had our blood sugar and cholesterol checked and well little to no change. The real nice effect has been the serious increase in recovery time, increase in mood and endurance. We work out mon-fri with Saturday being an active recovery day ( hiking, yoga sports ect ) Sunday is an off day. In addition to our training schedule we both work in the construction field, so to be able to train as hard as we do and work a full week with minimal effect to our intensity at the gym is impressive. I n the month and a half I have gained about 10 pounds of lean mass, and my Father about 8. The gains are high quality lean mass with little water/fat gain. We have both seen an increase in vascularity, and libido.The real story however is in the increase in endurance: I began running 1 mile to 1 and a ¼ as my warm up, and trust me that would put a hurting on me and him. Now I routinely run 2-3 miles, and hit the weights in a great mood with killer energy. So in that respect Cutting Edge Labs has def given me some great tools to help increase the fat loss and build up the muscle. After 20 mins of cardio and 60- mins of high intensity weight training, I still have the energy to work a full 8-10hr day, and do it all again the next day.I should state that both of us have a long history of weight training, and I have a decade of yoga as well under my belt. But we both suffer from various injuries, Me MCL/ACL issues with my left knee, and right shoulder issues. My father how ever is well his right knee needs to be rebuilt, and he has several disc issues in his back, left forearm injury and left shoulder. The addition of the OSTA and GW has in fact helped the recovery of our injuries, and the general up tick in recovery from our hard work and work outs. All in all I rate both the GW and OSTA a 5/5 and will def continue to purchase from this vender and in fact will be purchasing his prework out as well, as he sent a sample of it with my last purchase and I gotta say wicked pump and killer energy!

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
5Excellent Product.
First day of taking Osta MAX SARM, I see the effectiveness since internally my body is very clean (non-toxic). Mood was good. Felt very balance in mood. Am taking it for general maintenance and health, not for size but it does it's work and offer physical changes. With that being said, that does not mean I do not exercise at all and solely depend on it for physical changes. I workout 2-3 times a week, doing compound exercises. As for my nutrition, I eat small frequent meals with protein on the higher side.Felt no side effects. Good value product. I would recommend this product to people who wants to regain their health in a certain manner without being lazy. Watch your nutrition and activity level. Let the product work for you and help you in your pursue to health. Thank you.

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